Set out any initial position, or allow 
the program propose you a random one.
All Lights The board has up to 
50 squares on each side!
 Solutions are found directly, 
with no attempts, no  errors, 
and no algorithms.
Merlin's Square  You’ll be able to find all solutions
and  to check any solution.
Lights Out
  You’ll be able to find the best solution. Flip You’ll be able to play any variant.
  You’ll be able to play 
on non-plane surfaces.
Gary Watson's Flip Any square may have up 
to 7 different states.
Rey (King)

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You can see the mathematics behind these games in the Spanish journal: SUMA (number 40, June 2002). This document explains you how the program solves any problem instantly. 
Also, you can download the file (in English):
Lights.doc (1.1 Mb) or  (650 Kb).

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